About Us

The Wyoming Community In Action (WCIA) is a community action group formed by a group of concerned residents and business leaders who were deeply hurt by the racial division and the acts of racially motivated violence in our country. WCIA was formed to start the work of breaking down any division in our community and ensure that Wyoming is place where residents of every race have a sense of belonging and have equal opportunity to thrive. Our goal is to increase AWARENESS, encourage UNITY and inspire ACTION.

To date all efforts have been self-funded by volunteers. All proceeds from T-shirts will go to support WCIA community programs and events. 

Orders placed by September 22, 2022 will be available for pick-up at the WCIA Booth at the Fall Festival or will be delivered by WCIA. Orders placed between September 23rd and October 7th will be available for pick up on October 15th during the Spoken Word Event or will be delivered by WCIA.

Accomplishments To Date

June 2020 • Unity Vigil 

July 2020 • Town Hall Meeting with Wyoming Chief of Police & City Manager

August 2020 • Town Hall Meeting with Wyoming City Schools Superintendent 

September 2020 • Inaugural Monthly Action Calls 

October 2020 • Community Spoken Word and Poetry Jam

December 2020 • Issued a statement of solidarity with our LGBTQIA community

February 2021 • Unconscious Bias Art Show

April 2021 • Wyoming Community Conversations: Introduction to Unconscious Bias presented by Amy Hull

May–June 2021 • Community Survey on Diversity and Inclusion • Juneteenth

July 2021 • Wyoming Community Conversations: Tigerland Book Study 

September 2021 • Launched candidate surveys for the upcoming Wyoming elections

October 2021 • 2nd Annual Spoken Word and Poetry Jam  

June 2022 • Juneteenth 

October 2022 • 3rd Annual Spoken Word and Poetry Jam (10/15/2022 @ Wyoming Community Coffee)